Adam’s Open Letter to Residents

Dear Resident,

This is my story – the real story about your City government and elected officials. You be the judge.

Nothing is more important for keeping a government in check than a well-informed electorate. Elected officials work for you, not the other way around.

I am familiar with the laws against defamation — libel and slander. To not tell the truth would be morally reprehensible and legally expensive. Rest assured that what I share with you here, which you will find shocking at times, is all true as I would not want to subject myself to lawsuits for defamation. In fact, I promise and declare, unequivocally, that the statements I make in this letter are to the best of my knowledge, true, correct, and accurate as of August 21, 2016, and are either factual and supported by evidence, or I have reasons to believe their truthfulness based on my personal knowledge and experience. More than 100 links to various documents and articles support my statements.

Since my election in 2012, I have desperately tried to change the culture at City Hall so that “We, the people,” are represented, not real estate developers, county agencies and political party wannabes. Because of that, I have taken many stabs to the back, and my character assassinated by the very people I share the City Council dais with. Yet I am undeterred to serve you.

I have been true to the promises I made when I sought this office.

I am the only Council member with a perfect attendance record – because I take seriously my duty to you, my oath, and the honor you have given me to serve you. I am the first and only Council member in the history of Lake Forest who doesn’t take a salary, retirement benefits, etc.

Among my successes, despite often being in a minority, are:

 Ended each fiscal year with a budget surplus

 Enacted requiring a vote by a “super” majority to increase taxes (which I introduced)

 Cut City Council members’ reimbursable personal expenses (which I introduced)

 Implemented measures to ensure government transparency (which I introduced)

I’ve also championed many common sense initiatives that have been voted down by the Council majority because these initiatives were contrary to their self-serving interests. These common sense initiatives include, but are not limited to:

 Code of ethics for Council members

 Ban Council members from taking corporate money

 Require Council members to disclose financial ties to City contractors and lobbyists.

 Require electoral districts for council members so all areas of the City are represented.

 Election of mayor by voters

 Real term limits for Council members: Two four-year terms per lifetime (instead of the approved six four-year terms in a 26-year period).

In the November election, you will have the final say – your vote.

When you look at the body of my voting record – including many measures of good public policy in which I was defeated by the City Council majority – it’s clear that I am on your side. I will always be on your side. My hope is that you make an informed decision when you cast your ballot in November and elect your representative based on voting records and facts.There has been a lot of mud-slinging in my direction the past few years, and my aim here is to clear the air.

There are two council seats available in November 2016 belonging to Dwight Robinson and I. The first time I met him, in 2010, Robinson introduced himself to me as “Scott Voigts campaign manager.” We were elected in 2012 but we have represented two different ideologies. I have done my best to represent all the people of Lake Forest, to listen to their concerns and to not shy away from the discussion of their problems. I wanted to talk about Saddleback Ranch Road because it needed to be discussed and fixed sooner rather than later. Robinson, along with Scott Voigts and Andrew Hamilton, would not even provide one vote of consent among them that would have allowed us to discuss the subject at the next Council meeting. It was after that failure to consent that Robinson, Voigts and Hamilton became subjects of a recall that was supported by thousands of voters.