Ballot Statement

Councilman Adam Nick’s unabridged, uncensored, Ballot Statement for the Nov. 2016 election

Dear Voter,

If you live in Lake Forest, Foothill Ranch, or Portola Hills, you owe it to yourself to read this; it will not take more than a moment of your time.

Your choice for City Council could not be clearer this November.

You made me the highest vote-getter when you first elected me in 2012 to clean up City Hall, and I’ve done right by you every step of the way. Your interest has been the only interest I have cared about. I’m the only incumbent candidate who’s been on your side:.

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Some work has been done, but so much more needs to be accomplished. Below are some of the common sense INITIATIVES I’VE PROPOSED BUT WERE VOTED DOWN BY COUNCILMAN DWIGHT ROBINSON, a member of the Council majority who’s also seeking re-election:

Code of Ethics for Council Members
Ban Council Members from Taking Corporate Money
Require Council Members to Disclose Financial Ties to City Contractors & Lobbyists
Real Term Limits for Council Members (Two 4-Year Terms — Lifetime)
Require Electoral Districts for Council Members
Election of Mayor by Voters
Creating Our Own Local Animal Shelter Instead of Using the Infamous High-Kill County Shelter
Creating a Traffic Commission
Supporting the “Meals On Wheels” Program for Our Senior Citizens in Need

I will end the Council-imposed refusal to clean up and remodel Village Pond Park.

I proudly stand behind my voting record, which is unassailable, unlike Dwight Robinson’s.

Don’t be fooled by Dwight Robinson’s empty promises and untrue statements aimed at garnering your votes.

Don’t be fooled by Dwight Robinson’s bragging about endorsements from other politicians, especially when those endorsements have been bought and paid for by your tax dollars.

Don’t be hoodwinked by Councilman Dwight Robinson’s and his Council majority’s fake “newspapers,” lies, half-truths, innuendos, phony “surveys” with slanted, misleading questions, and copycat Facebook pages. They have resorted to character assassination of me to deflect attention from their own poor record of representation.

Robinson, Hamilton, & Voigts (the Council majority known as the Gang of 3) want me off the Council because I expose them — because I represent YOUR interests, not the interests of their corporate sponsors, real estate developers, County officials, and Sacramento politicians they cozy up to.

In his Ballot Statement, Councilman Robinson states, “I’m endorsed by [County] Supervisors Todd Spitzer and Lisa Bartlett. I’ll partner with them to eliminate Mello-Roos in Foothill Ranch, just as we’ve done in Portola Hills.”
The truth is:

A) Robinson received that endorsement after he and his Council majority voted against having our own local no-kill shelter and voted instead to approve a 10-year contract with the Orange County Animal Care and committed to pay the county up to one million dollars ($1,000,000) of our tax money to build its new facility in which Lake Forest is going to have NO OWNERSHIP. Lake Forest is now one of ONLY two cities in South Orange County to continue contracting with the county for animal services.

B) Robinson did nothing to eliminate Mello-Roos in Portola Hills, nor could he have done such a thing, nor can he do anything about it for Foothill Ranch. I don’t think a city or county official has the authority or power to “eliminate” Mello-Roos assessments. As a matter of fact, it was at the recommendation of the office of the County Auditor-Controller, Eric Woolery, that the Board of Supervisors voted to dissolve Mello-Roos in nine areas, including Portola Hills, but ONLY because the bonds for these areas had been fully paid (and actually there were excess collections for which the County will start issuing credit to offset their excess collection).

During Robinson’s tenure, OCGOP chairman, Fred Whitaker of Cummins & White has received $46,420.04 of our tax dollars for “legal services.” In return, Whitaker presented Robinson an award and campaigned against the recall of Robinson. With Robinson’s re-election, Fred Whitaker, who has been eyeing the taking over of the legal services of Lake Forest for four years now, will likely be awarded the nearly $1.4 million annual contract for City Attorney. Now, imagine how that would detrimentally solidify the stranglehold of the Gang of 3, who are all Whitaker’s political operatives, on the City’s directions and policies. Any checks & balances that we may have today at the City government will be gone if Whitaker takes over the City Attorney function.

There must no wonder why Whitaker has been steadfastly lying about me. Please learn the facts here and here.

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I am the first and only Council member in Lake Forest who doesn’t take a salary, pension benefits, etc.

I am the only Council member with a 100% attendance record — because I take seriously my duty to you, my oath, and the honor you have given me to serve you.

I have refused and will continue to refuse money and other kinds of “support” from Real Estate
Developers, companies that do business with the City (or want to do business with the City), County and Sacramento politicians, and other Special Interests. Dwight Robinson’s years in office are plagued, and documented, with tens of thousands of dollars of such money and favors, and in return, he has given those contributors whatever they wanted — at YOUR expense and to the detriment to YOUR way of life.

I have proven to be beholden to the interests of Lake Forest residents and not the interests of
campaign contributors. Dwight Robinson can’t make that claim. The facts make that clear.

In November, you will have the final say — your vote.

I trust that you will vote informed — that you will vote your conscience – and re-elect your Councilman only if he’s done right by you.

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I will be honored to have your vote again.